Building on a Network of Associates

Lynn Black Education Solutions, LLC will assess your current practices and help you develop best practice strategies.  As a collaborative team, we will examine your present patterns of behavior and practice and develop action plans to achieve optimal outcomes.  Again, this will be an inside out process that is led by the leaders within your learning communities.


·         Climate & Cultural Audits

·         Curriculum Assessment

·         School Renewal Reports

·         Staffing Audits

·         Assess Professional Development

·         Administrative/School Board Audits

·         Leadership Training

·         Parent Engagement Audits

The Process

The sequence of events may vary slightly based upon the size of the school and/or school system but will essentially follow this process:

·         Assess the current practices and/or behaviors

·         Analyze the collected information

·         Design an Action Plan for Improvement

·         Develop a Written Report for Stakeholders

·         Present the Report with Next Steps Timeline

·         Follow-up Assessment of Progress