partner testimonials

“It’s been my pleasure to know Lynn Black since 2009 when he first engaged me to conduct board development for the schools which he was then head. Since that very first encounter, I’ve observed Lynn to be passionate about leadership development and successful schools. As an educator with more than 30 years of experience, there is little about schools he doesn’t know. If I were beginning my career today, I’d want him as a mentor.Dr. Brian Carpenter - National Authority and Author on Policy Governance

 “As the School Leader of The Project School I have looked to Lynn Black as a resource for navigating the world of Indiana Charter Schools. One of Lynn's greatest strength is in his responsiveness. Lynn is a wealth of knowledge in terms of the history of the movement and hopes for the future.”  Cathy Diersing, School Leader - The Project School, Bloomington, IN

"In 2003, Lynn Black came to our small, rural community as a decision-maker in voting to allow us to open our charter school.  In 2005, Lynn again came to our community to act as a mediator between someone who wasn't the right fit for our school and the community members.  In 2006, Lynn came to our community to help us develop a strategic plan to meet the needs of our stakeholders.   Each and every professional experience has meant a lot to our school as Lynn has asked the right questions and given us opportunities to focus on the areas that will benefit our stakeholders.  He has been kind, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.  He does not assume but rephrases concerns and issues to gain agreement before leading us in a direction that benefits the school".   Susie Pierce, School Leader, Rural Community Academy, Graysville, IN

"I have known and worked with Lynn Black for the last 30 years in both Public and Private school environments.  Lynn has a heartfelt passion for the vision of what schools should be like in America and Globally.  I have personally witnessed his commitment to students and being a servant leader.  He has done great work for me in the areas of curriculum, administrative training, and School Board orientation.  His skill set is one that is not encountered often in the vast ocean of consultants.  I continue to utilize him at every opportunity."  Timothy D. Long, Ed.D., Superintendent of The Jay School Corporation.

“His work with teachers always focused on creating and building a collaborative working environment which had a positive impact on student achievement and growth. Today, Lynn’s combination of rigorous leadership research and practical advice will provide pathways for you to not only set the stage with your leadership team or faculty for opening a school year on an optimistic and encouraging note, but will allow you to make meaningful improvements in your school, district, or organization with long lasting influence.”                                Dr. John Maloy, Superintendent of Schools, Aspen School District, Aspen, Colorado